Ijen Crater A Year Ago

After Bromo, I and my friend went to Ijen Crater. From Probolinggo, we rode the L300 van with no air conditioner for approximately 6 hours to Belawan, Bondowoso. We saw clove plantation, tobacco plantation, and of course coffee plantation all the way. We stayed overnight at Cartimore Guesthouse, an original Dutch lodge which dates back to 1894 located in the Kebun Balawan coffee plantation.

We woke up at 4 in the morning. After we had a simple breakfast (bread and egg), we checked out and went to Ijen Crater by the same L300 van the other day. It was 5.30 when we reached the entrance of Ijen Crater. From here, we must walk up to the top of the mountain where Ijen Crater is located. “1 hour up, 1 hour sightseeing, and 1 hour down”, our driver said.

Exhausted from hiking, suddenly paid off with the stunning panoramic views of Ijen Crater. It was the most beautiful scenery I ever saw with my own eyes so far. No words could explain how I felt at that moment. The views of the mountains, the scenery of the acid lake, the smell of the sulfur fumes. Everything was so incredible.

Ijen Crater, today, a year ago..

(All photos are taken with Pentax Optio W90)