Piyoh from The Westernmost Town in Indonesia

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‘Piyoh’ means ‘stop by’ or ‘come by’ in english. It’s a word often used by shopman to attract customers to stop by in Aceh. Piyoh doesn’t always mean ‘stop by’. It’s also a name of a creative business owned by my friend,ย Hijrah Saputra. Based in Sabang, the westernmost town in Indonesia, Piyoh is really well-known here in Aceh (hopefully later in Indonesia and the world! Can I hear amin? :p ). If you want to know more about Piyoh, I wrote about this Piyoh here.

But, if Piyoh is not really interesting for you, you should know Hijrah personally. He’s one of the youngest and most successful creative entrepreuner in Sabang. He also got many achievements in Aceh tourism world in the past. He was an “Agam”, a tittle for a male Tourism Ambassador in Aceh. As you can see, his love of tourism now is shown in his clothes design sold by Piyoh. Recently, He’s interested in Postcrossing too. This card was sent by him for me. And.. Let me tell you a secret about him. It seems like he’s looking for a right woman to marry! So ladies, if you’re interested to swap or know him more, you can ask him to send you a postcard. Who knows.. from a card down to the heart? Hahaha..