Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


These are my reflection photos to take part in the weekly photo challenge this week. All pictures were taken in Aceh, Indonesia. Here are the story of the pictures:

  1. The first picture is the Lut Tawar Lake. It’s located in Aceh Tengah regency. I went there for vacation last year. A lot of a breathtaking views of the scenery of the lake and the mountains there. The cool weather, greens were everywhere, the blue sky with the big puffy clouds, and so on. Oh, I really miss it. I want to go there again. Next year, maybe?
  2. One fine morning day, I was riding my bike around the city of Banda Aceh. And when I passed the Krueng Aceh river, this scenery was caught my eyes. The beautiful and warm morning sun was reflected on the surface of the river. Didn’t want to lose the moment, I grabbed my camera and ‘click’, I took the picture.
  3. The buffalo picture was taken when I was in Lhokseumawe, a small town in the east shores of Aceh Province. It was not a sunny day. The sky was full of grey clouds. On my way to the beach outside Lhokseumawe town,  I met this calm buffalo who enjoy soaking in the muddy puddle. Ah, It looked like the best day for the buffalo.

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